Project Management




Strong, effective Project Management is essential to the success of any project. Our considerable experience in project management, supported by sophisticated computer facilities, enables us to provide clients with a particularly effective multi-discipline Project Management service.

We appoint a Project Manager at the start of every project and it is his responsibility to co-ordinate quality, cost, time and resources and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. The Project Manager will keep you fully informed on progress and cost throughout the lifecycle of the project and will ensure that any problem areas are quickly identified and resolved. Completion of projects on time is a foremost objective of Point Engineering. To ensure this, cialis australia the company uses Engineers skilled in both manual and computerized techniques. The aims of these techniques are to provide:

A realistic plan for the timely execution of the project and establish targets for work accomplishment. Accurate and timely reports of status and progress. Exception reports highlighting areas of concern and critical activities enabling corrective action to be taken. A method of altering potential deviations to the plan to enable preventative action to be taken at an early stage.